Earn 100% net royalties
and get paid immediately

Pricing & Payment


You can list your ebooks as FREE or you can set a price for them. If you set a price for your ebook the minimum price is £0.50 and the maximum price is £20.00.

Areobooks does not charge any fees. The only costs are:

  • Stripe fees, which are 1.40% + £0.20 (for European cards) or 2.9% + £0.20 (for non-European cards).
  • Sales tax (if due), which Areobooks collects and pays on your behalf.

Royalty calculator

You have certainty over how much you’ll receive per sale. Try our royalty calculator below and see how much you’ll earn!

Sales tax (20%):
Stripe fee (20p + 1.4%):*
You get:
If sales tax is not due then we will add this to the amount you get.
* The Royalty calculator assumes that authors are based in the UK and that ebooks are purchased using UK-issued cards. See Stripe’s pricing page for more details.


Areobooks uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe is simple, secure and can split payments at the point of sale, which means you get paid immediately. Stripe also stores your card details; Areobooks never has access to or stores your card details.

The first time you set a price for an ebook (ie. the ebook is not listed as FREE) you’ll need to create and connect to a Stripe account so that we have somewhere to deposit your royalty payments.

Areobooks will redirect you to Stripe and, once you’ve created and connected your Stripe account, you’ll be redirected back to Areobooks to finish the upload process.

This process is simple, secure and should only take a few minutes to complete.