Areobooks is a platform for authors and readers
to meet, read and connect

We love books. We love the authors who write books and we love the readers who read books. So we’ve built a place where authors and readers can meet, read and connect. Areobooks is a platform. We do our best to stay out of the way because we want to encourage the most important relationship in books – the one between author and reader.

The vision behind Areobooks is simple: to give authors the tools to find and connect with readers. We do this in two ways:

We give each author their own Author Page that they can style, personalise and make entirely their own. Readers can find, follow and connect with authors through their Author Page.

We’re a retailer, which means authors can sell their books through Areobooks. At the moment we only sell ebooks, but we hope to allow authors to sell physical books through Areobooks in the future.

Areobooks is an online marketplace where every author has their own stall in the form of an Author Page. Readers browse the stalls and buy books directly from authors. Areobooks encourages fair trade because prices aren’t artificially inflated or deflated and the vast majority of the money spent on books goes to authors.

A quick word on our name: Areobooks shares the first four letters of its name with Areopagitica, a tract written by John Milton in 1644 (at the height of the English Civil War) in which he attacked traditionalists and complacent people who were afraid of change and debate. Areopagitica is among history’s most influential and impassioned philosophical defences of the principle of a right to the freedom of speech and expression.