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Piers Karpinski June 30, 2016

Why don't authors earn more from their books?

Authors don’t earn much.  In April 2015 Queen Mary University of London published a report entitled The Business of Being an Author – A Survey of Author Earnings and Contracts .  The report found that the typical income for a professional author in the UK was £11,000.  Almost a fifth of authors earned nothing.  Of course, some authors earn millions, but they constitute a tiny minority.  

Let’s throw in some numbers for comparison: (i) In April 2016 the UK living wage was introduced and it's significantly higher than £11,000 for those working full time; (ii) In 2015 the UK publishing ...

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Piers Karpinski May 7, 2016

Areobooks 2.0 is here!

Over the last few months we’ve been updating and improving the site.  We hope you like it!

In the first blog post for the new site I want to return to the beginning and talk about what areobooks is, why we’ve created it, and what you can expect to find on our blog and in our newsletter.


Areobooks is a platform for authors and readers to meet, read and connect.  As we say in our manifesto, the relationship between authors and readers is primary and our aim is to help it flourish.  Of course, other relationships in the book ...

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